PG-500 平行高压绕线机

PG-500 Parallel High-tension coil winder

 Performance Characteristics

    1. 人机界面使用7寸TFT真彩触摸屏,分辨率达到800*480。宽度显示,美观大方。使用MCGS组态软件,可靠性高,操作简单。
    2. 收卷部分使用日本安川3KW的G7变频器,使用矢量控制方式,收卷速度最高可达1000转/分钟。
    3. 排线部分使用松下200W伺服控制器,采用滚珠丝杆从而获得精准的排线,精度可达到0.1毫米。
    4. 控制部分使用自主研发的高新能、高可靠性电脑控制器,通过RS-485通讯,与显示屏数据交换,及时显示即时数据。
    5. 气缸尾座,安全可靠,主轴中心高1000mm,最大收卷直径400mm,最大宽度500mm。

    1. For the man-machine interface, the 7-inch TFT color touch screen is adopted, with the resolution up to 800*480, with wide screen and with handsome appearance. With MCGS configuration software adapted, the machine enjoys high reliability and easy operation.
    2. For coiling section, the G7, 3KW frequency converter made by yasakawa, Japan is adopted, using vector control mode, with the maximum coiling speed reaching 1000 rpm.
    3. For the wire arranging section, with the precision reaching 0.1mm.
    4. For the control section, the self-developed high-performance and highly reliable computer controller is adopted, which, via RS-485 communication, exchanges data with the display screen to timely display the real-time data.
    5. The tailstock of the cylinder is secure, with the center height of the main-shaft being 1000mm, the maximum coiling diameter being 400mm and the maximum width being 500mm.
    6. Power supply: 3*380V, compressed air supply: 7Kgf/cm2.