G-1000 高压全自动高速绕线机

G-1000 high-voltage full automatic high-speed coiler

 Performance Characteristics

    Applicable to the high-speed winding of mutual inductor high-voltage trapezoidal wire coils used for voltage transformers and JD(S) QXFseries transformers, with the wire diameter of the electromagnetic wire being<0.56mm GIS.
    With the wire coiling speed up to 1000 rpm, the production efficiency is high. With menu type control, after menu input, the tension, the wire winding position and the film dimension are automatically controlled during the whole process of the equipment. Depending on the requirements for insulation width and length if individual layers of the wire coil, the film is automatically cut off according to the programmed requirements. With computerized automatic wire arranging, the wire-arranging arm automatically adjusts the position according to the diameter of the wire coil. With imported electronic tensioner, the tension can be preset in accordance with different wire diameters so that the tension is stable and visible, the wire breakage is minimized and the reliability of the wire coil is improved. After wrapping, the product is stable under high voltage, with little local electric discharge, which is appreciated by manufacturers in the industry. The machine is easy for operation and convenient for maintenance.

 Technical parameters






















 Max. outside diameter of finished product


 Inside diameter


 Wire diameter range


 Wire-arranging feed amount of each turn

 任意值 Arbitrary valllue

 Wire-coiling width


 Winding speed:


 Wire-coiling direction

  Bi-directional, programmable

 Principal axis center height from the ground


 Principal axis torque


 Max. weight of wire coil


 Max. number of layers of wire coil

 300层 300layers

 Wire-arranging control precision




 Alarm shut-down precision

 1圈 1 circle

 Insulation material thickness


 Insulation material


 Insulation width


 Weight per insulation unit


 Inside diameter


 Outside diameter


 Noise grading


 Compressed air


 Power supply

 3*380V, 50Hz