Non-local-discharge condenser type bushing full-automatic broadsheet wrapping machine

 Performance Characteristics


    Applicable to wrapping of the step-type non-local-discharge condenser bushing with entire cable paper sheet, applicable to the wrapping & forming of inversion-type mutual inductors’ and transformers’ bushing.
    Fit for the wrapping with entire cable paper sheets of different specifications. With menu-type control, after menu input, the step-cutting, the tension and the capacitance position are full-automatically controlled during the whole process of the equipment. The requirements of products of different voltage grading can be satisfied. After wrapping, the shape and the capacitance position are of good consistency. The product is stable under high voltage, with little local electric discharge, which is appreciated by manufacturers in the industry. The machine is easy for operation and convenient for maintenance.

 Technical parameters







 Raw material measurement


 Wrapping paper width


 Wrapping material inside diameter


 Wrapping material outside diameter


 Finished product inside diameter




 Outside diameter


 Heating temperature

 室温room temperature -100℃

 Power supply


 Compressed air